Wall-Mount Magic Mirror

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The new lighted magnification mirror that comes to you!

Having trouble finding the best position while doing your make up? The Wall-Mount Magic Mirror with an 11.5-inch extension arm can help you do makeup easily. There is no need to climb onto the bathroom countertop to get close to the mirror. You just need to stand in front and adjust mirror position (height and direction) freely for your desired comfort.   A 360° rotating swivel head allows the mirror to rotate freely to any desired angle. You can easily find your suitable position to apply your makeup or other beauty maintenance needs. 
Wall-Mount Magic Mirror is manufactured carefully to win stands all the possible pressure while doing all possible angle in using it
Product Features:
  • This mirror requires a clean, flat and smooth surface of at least 3.5" X 3.5", otherwise the suction may not work.
  • This mirror can attach to the flat surfaces such as ceramic, marble, acrylic, quartz, glass and other mirrors.
  • Easy-Lock and a strong suction cup will help you to easily stick the mirror to the dressing table, a wall in the bathroom or any other flat and clear surface. The strong suction cup attaches the mirror firmly and will not fall down.
This is easy to use a mirror that has an exceptionally detailed viewing. It is great for applying makeup and other beauty maintenance needs.  3 LED light settings: indoor, daylight, nighttime and 5x magnification so you can see exactly what you’re doing with no bending!  Perfect for plucking eyebrows, inserting contact lenses, applying makeup, doing your hair, shaving & more! 
  • 1pc x Wall-Mount Magic Mirror

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