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About the product
  • ARE YOU READY TO BE BRILLIANT and impact your surroundings with the color and shape of your face? All you need is to wear our chin mask for 30 minutes during your morning make-up routine
  • EFFECTIVE V LIFTING With age facial skin and v shape face lose their elasticity. We’ve invented our neck mask specifically for tightening & moisturizing. V zone mask will make your shape face lift and your skin radiant
  • PERFECT V UP FACE Our v line mask wraps and tightens the face. As a result you get gorgeous lines of the face and you get rid of your double chin. Double chin reducer is a great solution of chin tightening
  • HYPOALLERGENIC COMPOSITION Allows men & women to apply our v face mask, even people with sensitive skin. Hydrogel refreshes and instantly moisturizes the skin of your chin line
  • V-LINE LIFTING PATCHES INCLUDE NATURAL INGREDIENTS collagen vitamin E seaweed and aloe. The chin lift band enhances collagen synthesis which can fight the effects of aging and excessive exposure to sunlight


Product description

SAKURA SKIN – natural professional cosmetics

V-Line Lifting Patch is an intensive anti-aging agent used to remove the second chin and saggy skin along the facial contour.

Sakura Skin Chin mask can be successfully and effectively used at home, with proven effect.
V Face mask is an alternative not only too expensive procedures in beauty salons but also to surgical procedures.


Each Sakura Skin V line mask is impregnated with a unique rejuvenating composition:

- COLLAGEN and VITAMIN C - promote smoothing of wrinkles and increase the elasticity of the v shape face
- SEAWEED EXTRACT - enhances the processes of skin regeneration, improves blood supply, and regulates acid-base balance
- ALOE VERA, GLYCINE, BETAINE - are used to increase the skin’s moisture content of the v chin
- SAKURA SKIN V Zone mask uses v lift tape coated with a high-quality cosmetic hydrogel that contains more than 95% water
and is an excellent conductor for the distribution of nutrients the facelift



 Look Better and Feel Confident with SAKURA SKIN


All ingredients of Sakura Skin collagen neck mask have a powerful anti-aging, contour lifting firming, chin tightening and moisturizing effects
The skin gets abundant moisturizing, facial wrinkles are smoothed, the tone of the skin improves significantly, the v face shape is corrected, the double chin disappears.
The face acquires an ideal V up form.


 Gentle and Safe chin line patch for Everyday Use


Directions for use of Neck lift mask:
To achieve the best effect, we recommend using Sakura Skin chin lift patch for four weeks.
For the enhanced effect, use the v lifting mask daily for one hour for the first 10 days.
Then continue to use 2 to 4 times a week.


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