The oversized & instructional mat

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we have one goal: creating simple and useful products that can help you to feel better, everyday.

To us, physical activities is very important and should not be only about competing in an IRON MAN. We think that including stretching, yoga and strengthening exercises in your daily routine can really help you feel better, physically and mentally.

We also believe in taking time offline, and this is why we created INSPIRATION ™. Put away the youtube classes and other fitness apps, put some music and focus on what really matter: your body, your feelings and your well being. You have everything you need on our mat to release endorphins and feel good 😌.

INSPIRATION  is a 100% safe (with 0.00% toxic materials), comfortable and oversized mat that has been designed to help you stretch, do yoga and work out easily.


Simple, we sketched and printed hundreds of the best exercises directly on the surface of the mat. Therefore, you can workout easily and focus on what really matters: your feelings, your body and your well being.

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