Summer Creative 6 Fish Pops Traditional Ice Pop Molds

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  • SIX UNIQUE DESIGNS: 6 different molds create a variety of under-the-sea creatures including a shark, clownfish, octopus, whale, puffer fish, and a scuba diver; about 1.1-1.6-fluid ounces each
  • EASY TO USE DESIGN: Silicone molds easily release your pops from the polypropylene base, no inverting required; simply pull out your fish pop and enjoy; no need to run under warm water; each mold includes a stick with drip guard for mess-free enjoyment
  • NOT JUST FOR POPSICLES: This product doubles as a candy mold; use melted chocolate or candy instead of fruit juice to create lollipops
  • MIX AND MATCH: Try out different combinations of molds and tails for fun and surprising results; uncover amusing skeletons of the sea creatures as the pops are eaten
  • BPA-FREE AND EASY TO CLEAN: BPA and phthalate free polypropylene and silicone design is easy to use and clean; do not wash in the dishwasher; clean with mild soap and water


Make six (6) new friends with these Fish Pop Molds. Each pop is approximately 1.1-1.6 fluid ounces—the perfect size for even the littlest deep-sea explorer in your family. Dive into the ocean of your imagination with a shark, puffer fish, whale, octopus, diver, and clownfish ready for you to name as you create (and eat!) them all.

No matter how deep you go, you’ll stay dry as land, thanks to the built-in drip-guard on every stick. As you finish your pop, you’ll find a hidden skeleton; mix-and-match the tails and feet to make your own creatures of the deep. It’s as much fun as you can have with these aquatic friends without needing a swimsuit.


Pop creators of any age can make their own scaled and tailed creations. Add your favorite juice, yogurt, pudding, or smoothie to the molds. You could even use melted chocolate to make your own chocolate pops. Once your ingredients are in the mold, add the sticks with built-in drip-guards, and place the mold base gently in your freezer. When your pops are frozen (approximately 8 hours or overnight), it’s time to go fishing! Gently pull on the stick and the silicone mold will automatically invert with a POP—no rinsing required. The pop comes out so easily, even the smallest divers will be able to release their catch. When it’s time to clean up, simply use mild soap and water to clean the molds.


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