Dishwashing Brush 2 In1

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Product description


It can be used for non-stick pans, not pans. Long handle design, not dirty hands do not hurt the hand.

The design of the injection liquid bottle does not waste liquid when pressed.

Decontamination scraper to remove stubborn stains.

TPR button, good sealing, fine bristles, strong detergency, very durable.

detachable, easy to replace, hanging storage hanging hole.

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  • 2-in-1 function with two different brush heads, one brush combines the functions of a dishwashing brush and a dishwashing sponge
  • This kitchen brush has a creative soap dispensing function that completely changes the cleaning tools! Preserving detergent
  • The scrubber is made of food-grade material and is naturally antibacterial because it is not as porous as ordinary sponges and cloth. Using these silicone dishwashers, there is no longer a smelly bacterial carrier sponge
  • Install the brush head, then open the button to pour the liquid into the scrubber, then press the button to start cleaning the kitchen, including cutlery, bowls, pots, glass bottles, any bottles you want to clean
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