3D Corgi / French Bulldog Mugs

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  • Original Designed ceramic cups can be used to drink coffee, tea, fruit juice or other drinks.
    Suitable occasions: home, office, coffee shop, book bar, restaurant
    Guarantee: Any problems please contact us, we glad to solve it.

    Product Details:
    Material: Ceramic cup and bamboo lid
    Color: Matte Black/ White/ Misty Blue
    Animal Style: French Bulldog
    Cup set Measurement: 12cm/4.7” high* 8cm/3.1” Diameter
    Cup High : 10.7cm/4.2”
    Cup lid high: 1cm-1.3cm
    Capacity: 12oz/350ml
    Shipping size: 14*12.8*10.5cm
    Net weight:380g
    Shipping weight: 470g
    Package includes: 1pc cute animal cup and 1pc bamboo lid
    Hand washing recommended and not for use in the microwave.
    Spoon is not included !
    The cup was made from Jingdezhen local ceramic clay and fired under 1320 degrees. But can not be hot over 110 Celsius degrees since the glue may weaken.

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